Recognise potentially lucrative opportunities – we will provide you with the preliminary advice on how to maximise the opportunities available to you on your next prospective development project. We want to understand your vision so that we can help you to make it come to fruition.

Before purchasing become familiar with local council’s rules and regulations – don’t let regulatory hurdles surprise you when your costs suddenly skyrocket. We will help you understand current council regulations affecting your property.

Realistic business and project planning – you can expect to get realistic timeframe and costing advice from our experienced town planners, who have firsthand development experience as well as having worked within Local and State Government themselves.

Build your project team – why do all of the hard work yourselves researching and selecting the panel of consultants you will require yourself? We have been in this business long enough to have reputable business partners and contacts within the development community – if there’s a service you need, we’ve got the ideal contact to assist you.

Time is money – we provide you an experienced team who recognises that for you ‘time is money’ so we’ve built this into our mission statement. You have to be organised to be in this industry, and that is what we have our sights set-out on to achieve for every client & every project.

Reputation and personal commitment – Your investors care about what you have accomplished and who you’ve partnered with, to be able to back someone they trust. So you’ve made the commitment on focusing to become a known commodity by building a verifiable reputation for success, we work on providing you with the reliable partnerships to do so.

Do you know the real potential of your property? – a site plan is a great way of identifying potential design issues with your site. Getting a site plan done early in the design phase of works will ultimately reduce time and costs when dealing with your other consultants.

Build it to stand, not to be torn down – just like you would take out insurance to protect your business interests, getting a survey done so that you can correctly position your structures makes sense. Don’t choose just any surveyor, bplanned and surveyed have a survey team with many years of experience, attention to detail and the reputation of producing a quality product.

Don’t get caught out with contractors on site & no approval to dig – if you know ahead of time what services and easements exist on your property it makes it that much easier to plan ahead.

Reducing your project risks –our team of surveyors are competent, fully qualified and insured, with a reputation to maintain. We will ensure that no corners are cut so that you can have peace of mind that your build will go to plan.

take the stress out of your next development, let our expert team of town planners & surveyors simplify the process for you