services setout survey

Services Set Out

This is an important step required prior to preparing for any type of construction work and involves the transferring of the new services design associated with the following onto the land itself;

  • Buildings
  • Earthworks
  • Roads
  • Car Parks
  • Sewerage
  • Water

What is involved in a Services Set Out Survey?

These surveys are required under Council approved Operational Works and are generally one of the survey tasks associated with a subdivision of land.  They generally include:

  • Road Centre Line Set Out – This includes pegging of all road centreline points fronting the lots. It also includes the establishment of horizontal and vertical control marks and any offset pegs required by the contractor.
  • Sewer & Roofwater Drainage Set Out – This includes office calculations and the staking of all manholes, maintenance shafts and boundary points where house connections are to be constructed.
  • Water Supply & Service Conduit Set Out – This includes office calculations and the pegging of the front of all lots to enable the accurate placement of fire hydrants, sluice valves, water service conduits, stormwater manholes, chambers and allotment retaining walls.

Why bplanned & surveyed Pty Ltd for Services Set Out Survey?

We only employ experienced registered surveyors who will ensure that your project runs smoothly and avoids any costly set out mistakes.

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