other services we offer

We offer the following services, but not limited to development approvals for:

Material Change of Uses

  • Preliminary Approvals
  • Residential – new homes, multi-units, duplexes, town houses, extensions
  • Hotels, motels, workers camps, short term accommodation, retirement and aged care facilities
  • Commercial – offices, shops, retail showrooms, open air displays
  • Industrial – sheds, warehouses, storage facilities, offices
  • Environment Authorities – vehicle workshops, mechanics, meat processing, fuel storage, water and sewerage treatment.

Reconfiguring a Lot

  • Subdivisions – urban, rural, commercial, industrial
  • Boundary re-alignments
  • Easements
  • Subdivision under the Body Corporate and Community Management Act (strata titling)
  • Lease areas.

Other Planning Related Services

  • Preliminary town planning investigations
  • Advice on development process and pitfalls
  • Due diligence town planning investigations
  • Advice on Council policies/codes/procedures
  • Advice on legislative time frames/requirements outlined in the Sustainable Planning Act 2009
  • Compilation and analysis of information on the physical, social, political, cultural and environmental factors which affect land use
  • Undertake Public Notification
  • Requests for Negotiated Decision Notices
  • Changes to existing approvals and conditions (Permissible Change)
  • Ministerial designation
  • Project management of the development assessment process
  • Assistance with Planning and Environment Court Appeals