contour and detail survey

Contour and Detail Survey

A Contour & Detail Survey is used to determine the location of natural and man-made features in an area including the natural elevation of the land, vegetation, buildings, land utilities such as council services, fences, roads, land marks and so on.

What is a Contour & Detail Survey?

Contour & Detail Surveys are generally required when you are planning to construct or extend a building, new roads or when you want to present information about your land for the purposes of proposed development to local council.  A contour and detail survey will result in a site plan that shows all relevant site information, including site levels, location of features, urban services and infrastructure, existing trees, existing buildings, structures and retaining walls and frontage works.

Why it is important to have a Contour & Detail Survey?

Contour and Detail Survey drawings are required before you can start on the design phase of your project.

Your chosen designer/engineers require these plans to design new construction work for buildings, extensions, roads or new services for proposed subdivisions without interfering with existing infrastructure.  It assists in the determination of the amount of site works required, including the volume calculations for soil removal and the height and costings of retaining walls.

Town Planners require these drawings to form part of their development application submission to Council.

Why bplanned & surveyed Pty Ltd for Contour & Detail Surveys?

We understand the requirements of the various design consultants that will be using this survey information. We therefore ensure that the accuracy and the content of the survey is appropriate to the design criteria ensuring you don’t waste valuable time and money on the collection of this data.

We also prepare Proposed Subdivision Layout Plans from these contour and detail surveys suitable for inclusion in the development application to Council.

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