as-constructed survey

As-constructed Survey

As constructed surveys are the location and identification of constructed services, earthworks and buildings etc associated with a new development.

What is an As Constructed Survey?

The purpose of as-constructed survey is to confirm that the services such as sewer, storm water,  water, roads and associated earthworks and retaining walls, etc. have been constructed in accordance with the specifications on the council approved operational works plans.

These as-constructed drawings form part of the documentation required by Private Building Certifiers and civil engineers to show that the construction is conforming to the approved plans.

Why it is important to have an As Constructed Survey?

Building certification and council “on maintenance” will not be granted unless these as-constructed surveys agree with the approved plans.

Why bplanned & surveyed Pty Ltd for As-constructed Surveys?

We understand that often As-constructed surveys are required to be completed by specific dates and will work with the project manager to ensure that we do our part in keeping your project on schedule.  We also ensure the accuracy and conformity of our As-constructed drawings to meet local Council standards.  Supplying the drawings in CAD format, ADAC format and pdf as per Council requirements for mixed formats.

If you would like more information about our As-constructed surveys or to discuss your next project, call us now on 1300 275 266.