woodchester estate, gatton 

Our experience in infrastructure charges and, drafting and negotiating infrastructure agreements means that we can value add to your project at any stage of the development, including plan sealing. We can review your existing development approval and provide expert advice on the relevance or reasonableness of conditions, prepare, lodge and negotiate permissible change requests, and review and advise on the obligations and entitlements contained in any infrastructure agreements.

For this masterplan development in Gatton, bplanned & surveyed were engaged to prepare a permissible change request to amend or remove several conditions contained in a subdivision approval. Additionally, bplanned & surveyed provided advice on infrastructure charges which were to be levied through conditions of development and an infrastructure agreement. bplanned & surveyed successfully negotiated with Council to amend or remove all those conditions which were identified to be amended or removed, as well as ensuring the infrastructure charges were calculated strictly in accordance with the infrastructure agreement. This resulted in the client saving many tens of thousands of dollars.

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